Less than 12 hours after our first interview was published, Paolino’s Twitter account was suspended by Twitter without any warning or explanation. It’s obvious that Tetherino, the young and ambitious project that aims at revolutionising crypto by deploying its proprietary next-gen memeing framework, is seen as a threat by the crypto establishment. Here’s an emergency update of the situation, as it happens.

Trolly McTrollface: “Less that an hour ago, I learned that your account was being censored. It looks like vested interests are trying to kill Tetherino in the egg.”

Paolino Ardoino: “Absolutely, Trolly. Thank you so much for doing this second interview under such short notice. Time is of the essence here. Crypto insiders must have learned of our secret partnership project with a toilet paper manufacturer. We are about to achieve a groundbreaking revolution in the industry.”

Trolly McTrollface: “Unbelievable. How do you think they’ve learned about this partnership?”

Paolino Ardoino: “I tweeted about it a couple of hours ago.”

Trolly McTrollface: “They must have spies everywhere. What’s the project about?”

Paolino Ardoino: “We will unveil a feature on our website that will allow people to use tetherinos to buy double ply, extra soft, A-2 rated commercial toilet paper on our website. This will put us ahead of virtually 100% of the competition, by giving an actual, real world use case to tetherinos. No wonder the crypto establishment feels threatened.”

Trolly McTrollface: “I’m at loss for words. How did you manage to come up with such a new paradigm?”

Paolino Ardoino: “Well we were thinking that you can’t really do anything with tokens other than buying other tokens. Then we remembered the Bitcoin pizza, how it became a killer meme for Bitcoiners, and decided to do the same for tetherinos. It made absolute sense, especially as you need toilet paper after pizza.”

Trolly McTrollface: “Aren’t you fearing for your life right now?”

Paolino Ardoino: “Absolutely. To think that people who supposedly manage tens of billions of dollars, in reality spend their days spying on Twitter parody accounts with 50 followers truly sends chills down my spine. If they took their time to file a complaint, putting aside all the super important stuff that they undoubtedly need to take care of, what else can they do?”

Trolly McTrollface: “Will you quit?”

Paolino Ardoino: “I thought about it. But then, I realised this cowardly attack is simply proof that the competition is afraid. They are losing the innovation race. Unable to keep up with our next-gen memeing technology, they are resorting to dirty tricks. In doing so, they have already put on their LOSER hats.”

Trolly McTrollface: “You are incredibly brave, Paolino. Do you want to add something?”

Paolino Ardoino: “Yes. I want our investors to know that I love them, that I feel all their support, and that they’ll soon be able to buy double ply, extra soft, A-2 rated commercial toilet paper rolls for 1,000,000,000 tetherinos apiece, with international delivery, conditions might apply. The price will be revised downwards as tetherinos moon, because, as everyone knows, our tokens are deflationary.”

Trolly McTrollface: “You’re truly doing God’s work, Paolino. God speed!”

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